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Tourism Innovation Lab

The Tourism Innovation Research Institute is dedicated to discovering and applying innovative practical ideas for tourism services.
It is a laboratory that conducts empirical 'experimental research'.

In particular, our research institute is interested in behavioral science, cognitive science, and decision-making related issues.Ronto the center
Conduct research on tourist behavior in general.

Our institute seeks to make a practical contribution to the overall tourism industry from a scientific perspective by discussing and validating data.

First, it contributes to presenting empirical evidence to strengthen the competitiveness of the tourism service industry (R&D service, etc.).

Second, it contributes to spreading the performance of consumers in the tourism policy/industry sector through experiment-based new service usability verification evaluation.

Third, we contribute to the development of the field of tourism through experimental research based on behavioral and cognitive sciences and decision-making theories.

Tourism innovation lab

[Research Project]

인간-로봇 우정

[National Research Foundation of Korea]

Introduction of AI service robotand tourismjob crisis

야외 요가 수업

[Jeongeup-si, Jeollabuk-do]

​Healing tourism base in Jeongeup city Basic design service

쓰레기 따기

[Korea Maritime Institute]

​Field experiment on eco-friendly behavior of island tourists

한국 전통 마을

[Korea Tourism Organization]

​gself targetInvestigation of the actual conditions of the private lodging business registration system and research on improvement plans

놀이 공원

[Jungseok Logistics Academic Foundation]

​Real-time tourist destination congestion and tourist behavior response

진정 호수

[Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do]

​Namwon-si regional tourism development business tourism promotion business excavation service

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