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피자배달전문점 배달서비스 대기시간 유형이 고객만족과재구매의도에 미치는 영향

Culinary Science & Hospitality Research

2018. 07

안영란, & 이충훈

The purpose of this study was to investigate how delivery waiting time in a pizza delivery restaurant affects customer satisfaction and repurchase intention. In particular, this study looked into three types of waiting time that include objective waiting time, subjective waiting time, and disconfirmed waiting time and how customers react to each type of delivery waiting time. It also attempted to identify whether providing compensation for delayed delivery service would attenuate customers’ dissatisfaction and maintain their intention to repurchase and if so when to provide it. A total of 300 randomly chosen customers were invited to the survey, and 220 responses were used for the final analysis. The findings suggest that if the delivery waiting time is longer than the announced time, customer satisfaction would generally decrease. Additionally, it was found that providing compensation to customers who experienced service delay was effective in attenuating the customers’ dissatisfaction. However, if the delay of delivery service goes far beyond certain time period, compensation is no longer effective in recovering customer satisfaction and repurchase intention. Additional implication, study limitations, and future research directions are also discussed.

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