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Antecedents of Booster Vaccine Intention for Domestic and International Travel


2023. 03

Eeman Almokdad, Kiattipoom Kiatkawsin, & Chung Hun Lee

Herd immunity through vaccination has been a major technique for long-term COVID-19 infection management, with significant consequences for travel willingness and the recovery of the hospitality and tourism industries. However, indications that vaccine-induced immunity declines over time imply the need for booster vaccines. This could minimize the perceived health hazards of travel while enhancing travel propensity. This study integrated the theory of basic human values, the norm activation model, and the theory of planned behavior to investigate the role of cognitive aspects of individuals’ booster vaccine intention on domestic and international travel intention. More importantly, the study examined the role of value in activating moral responsibility and individuals’ beliefs to take the booster vaccine before traveling. A total of 315 Korean samples were collected to test the proposed conceptual model using structural equation modeling. In general, the results supported the proposed hypotheses. Notably, the intention to take the booster vaccine has a substantial impact on the intention to travel internationally. Furthermore, the communal values accept benevolence have an influence on personal morals and beliefs about receiving booster vaccines before international traveling.

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