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Kano 모형과 Timko의 고객만족계수를 이용한 관광벤처기업의 모바일 여행플랫폼 서비스 품질 분석


2021. 08

이상민, 이상훈, & 이충훈

This research has the purpose of identifying the satisfaction/dissatisfaction of free(or paid) provision of mobile tourism platform services through the Kano model analysis method. Also, using Timko’s customer satisfaction coefficient, this research has the purpose of contributing to the discovery of whether mobile travel platform services’ revenue exists, and how to generate it, based on the perspective of tourism venture companies through identifying the satisfaction level of the services when they are free, and the dissatisfaction level of the services when they are purchased. For this research, an online survey was conducted for one month(Jan.~Feb. 2021), and a total of 276 responses were used for the analysis. Based on the conclusion of this research, we mentioned its significance and limitations.

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