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Kano 모형을 이용한 모바일 음식배달 어플리케이션 선택속성에 관한 연구


2018. 06

이상훈, 문준호, & 이충훈

The smart phones have become popular, and a variety of mobile eateries have appeared in Korea, creating the jargon "food-tech". In recent, mobile delivery application companies are growing rapidly as the form of online to offline market. This research examined mobile delivery application attributes to identify the influential selection attributes at the mobile delivery application. Since mobile delivery market presented the growth, it is essential to understand the consumers’ requests. Kano model is the theoretical underpinning of this research. The main instrument is survey. For the data collection, this study collected information from 337 survey participants. The data collection was implemented during october and november in 2017. Given the results of analysis, we found five attractive quality, one must have quality, fifteen one dimensional quality, two indifferent quality, and one reverse quality. Research implications and limitations were also discussed.

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