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AI Service Robot Advanced Case Study (Japan)

  1. purpose

  • Identify various application cases and service robot introduction trends in various fields, and refer to field observation, investigation and paradigm model development applicable to this study

  • Visit to Japan to investigate advanced cases outside the study area (US, Australia, Korea) and observe cases of AI service robot use and interaction with employees, interview

2. business traveler

  • Director, Tourism innovation Lab, Chung Hun Lee

  • Research Professor, Tourism innovation Lab, Jae Hyup Chang

  • Assistant Researcher, Tourism innovation Lab, HyeonU Jo

3. a place of business

  • Tokyo, Japan (Ginza, Nihonbashi, Shibuya, etc.)

  • 分身ロボットカフェDAWN ver.β, Pepper PARLOR (ペッパーパーラー)

4. business trip period

  • 2023.02.23. (Wednesday) ~ 2023.02.26. (Sunday), 2 nights and 3 days



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