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수정 IPA를 활용한 산악형 국립공원 탐방객의 경험 이해 : 북한산 국립공원을 중심으로


2023. 11

이수아, & 이충훈

This study aimed to identify competitive factors that could enhance visitor satisfaction in order to expand the value of Bukhansan National Park and to explore strategic operational plans. Using the modified Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA) model, which offers positive advantages in estimating competitive quality attributes from the consumer’s perspective, the study was able to identify the necessary attributes for improving the touring courses in Bukhansan National Park. Specifically, visitors to the Baegundae and Sinseondae courses showed a high demand for information provision, accessibility, and service quality related to the touring courses. In particular, the analysis indicated a need for improvement in economic efficiency, such as usage costs. Visitors using the Baegundae course emphasized the need for concentrated improvement in information accessibility, such as homepage information service. Notably, limited parking facilities have been identified as a major inconvenience, negatively impacting their intention to visit and overall satisfaction. On the other hand, visitors using Sinseondae course demanded concentrated improvements in the operating system. The cost aspects, such as parking fees and transportation expenses, have been identified as factors that diminish satisfaction. Furthermore, this study provides additional insights by identifying differences in visitors’ perceptions based on the frequency of their visits. As an important resource of domestic mountainous national parks, Bukhansan National Park requires strategic management plans to enhance visitor satisfaction. In this context, this study can contribute to presenting practical management implications.

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