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조직공정성 인식과 직무만족, 이직의도 간의 영향관계: 초과근무 보상과 관련한 호텔주방종사원의 인식을 중심으로


2019. 09

장재협, 정준, & 이충훈

Employee who are highly satisfied with their jobs and work environment have an innovative attitude toward promoting organizational performance. In the labor-intensive hospitality industry, frequent overtime work, and employees turnover highly due to their job characteristics. Therefore, this study aims to explore factors that increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover intention. A survey was conducted on hotel kitchen workers of five-star hotels in Seoul, and multiple regression analysis was used to identify hypothesis on this paper. An empirical analysis determined that the perception of organizational justice is an influential variable for increasing job satisfaction and reducing turnover intention. The factors of distributive and interactional justice also increase job satisfaction and reduce turnover intention. The analysis also showed that the higher is the job satisfaction, the lower is the turnover intention. Therefore, for an organization to achieve its targeted performance, it is necessary to find ways to increase organizational justice as perceived by its members. However, as limitations of this study, the results cannot be generalized to the hospitality industry as a whole, and they did not reveal the effect of the perception of procedural justice on job satisfaction and turnover intention. It means that it is attributed to the job characteristics of the kitchen workers who are the sample of this study. This is expected to be verified by the empirical results of a follow-up study that addresses this study's limitations.

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