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카지노 종사원의 여가제약이 여가활동에 미치는 영향


2020. 04

임현진, & 이충훈

The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of leisure constraints on leisure activities of casino workers and subsequently identify how certain leisure constraints and leisure activities differ according to gender, shift, and employment type. To this end, a total of 458 casino workers in Seoul and Incheon were invited to participate in a survey. The results of data analyses show that leisure constraints can be classified into 6 factors: environmental problems, personal problems, peripheral problems, economic problems, temporal problems, and companion problems; Leisure activities were categorized into five groups: viewing activities, daily activities, sports and health activities, cultural and arts activities, and entertainment activities.

In addition, personal problems are the most influential leisure constraints, followed by companion constraints. On the contrary, the environmental problem is positively related with viewing activity while the economic problem has positive impacts on sport and health activities. Finally, there are significant differences in leisure constraints and activities according to gender, shift, and employment types. The implications, limitations, and future research directions are further discussed.

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