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호텔관광전공 대학생의 직업선택동기가 취업준비행동에 미치는 영향 : 자아효능감의 조절효과


2018. 07

박영원, 문준호, & 이충훈

This research examined the moderating effect of self-efficacy in the area of tourism major. The main instrument of this research is survey. This study investigated tourism area major students. The number of participants was 345. This research executed data collection on 2017 March. The explanatory attributes are motivation, while explained attribute is employment preparation behavior. This research employed two employment preparation behavior attributes (Preliminary and Actual) Motivation is composed of four attributes. It includes promising job, major suitability, professional benefits, and pursuit of interest. Also, the moderator of this research is self-efficacy. This study employed exploratory factor analysis, multiple regression, and frequency analysis for the data analysis. The results indicated that there is an moderating effect of self-efficacy between motivation and employment preparation behavior.

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