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5성급 호텔 패키지 상품 이용고객의 만족도와 재구매 의도에 관한 연구: 다양성 추구 성향과 대안 차이의 조절 효과

Culinary Science & Hospitality Research

2021. 03

최영, & 이충훈

This study was conducted to confirm the moderating effect of individual intrinsic tendencies (different pursuit tendencies) and external situations (different alternatives) in the relationship between customer satisfaction and repurchase intention for 5-star hotel package products. As a result of the analysis, it was found that all customer satisfaction (food, experience program, facility, and price) had a positive effect on repurchase intention. In addition, in this study, it was confirmed that the influence of customer satisfaction factors (food, experience programs, facilities, and prices) on repurchase intentions may vary according to the moderating effect of the propensity to pursue diversity. However, the difference between the alternatives was only the facility and price satisfaction factors. This has academic significance in that it goes beyond the point of view of the existing research that focuses on the linear relationship between customer satisfaction and repurchase intentions and that examines the consumer behavior of hotel customers that will change through the difference between the moderating effects of various pursuits and alternatives. Along with this, it is valuable in that the hotel staff presented the effects of various situations and corresponding practical strategies in the relationship between customer satisfaction and repurchase intention.

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